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May well fifteen, 2014 putting up ... know your enemy !!! during the sixty's protests ended up staged from the vietnam war as well as the president ... tiny did the youthful protesters know the pres had almost nothing to try and do with it but was just middle administration inside of a world vast chess sport ... No surprise the protests fell on deaf ears ... they completed very little ... the Tale is recurring within the world war soon after war or useful resource takeover a single after the other ... all becoming perpetrated by exactly the same invisible men and women ... they love To place up their obvious straw Guys in aircraft watch for everyone to poke at ... US elections retain the general public mis-directed into by some means imagining their vote will carry a couple of modify ... Completely wrong !!! On this lesson on "econ one hundred and one" ... or "know your enemy" ... IN ALL Scenarios IT IS THE WORLD BANKING Community at The bottom of each one of these difficulties ... They are really now in the Ukraine undertaking the exact same matter they did while in the early 1900s to condition the russian revolution ... Placing within their jewish renamed bankmaster puppets ... killing considerably more and more people by starvation and war than any aushwitz at any time imagined .

April 05, 2013 ... CORRECTION ... Formerly i have been saying the comet viewing opportunity for April 29 for comet C/2012/F6 Lemmon but right after re-inspecting the orbit it now seems the comet - Mercury - Sun alignment will be seen in the early morning sky and with The great risk that the comet will explode into a A lot brighter comet and very possibly using a effectively Sophisticated Sunshine-ward spike probably commencing as early as April 21 for the 25th ... the other aspect is one thing i seldom speak about in which the solar wind does not occur straight out in the sun but swings out one thing like a baseball pitcher's curve ball so that offers the twenty first as a superb commence date ... when both of these celestial electrical entities hook up i am anticipating comet Lemmon (And maybe even the little Earth Mercury) to excite ... Earth is in this type of placement that we will see this celebration (both comet and Earth Mercury) from the pre-dawn sky ... but what from the interference from our moon ??? the moon will likely be approaching full so will leave the early early morning sky perfectly dark and moonless !!!!!!!!!!!! a perfect scenario for comet watchers particularly when you should have binoculars and also a tripod .

Might fifteen, 2014 posting ... when the NSA whistleblower Snowden declared final 12 months that Monsanto was closely involved with a solution government sponsored chem trail spraying system immediately the "gov debunkers" scurried out into the online world to avoid wasting the day ... what has due to the fact emerged is the fact Monsanto (mon(ster)santo) incorporates a psycho inclination to believe in the climate alter circumstance wherein they are "conserving the world" from spiraling uncontrolled weather conditions and so they definitely consider this ... which can be a wolf in sheep's garments for "they wish to monopolize the world food stuff marketplace" ... A very powerful item in your daily life close to water (which can be also greatly remaining controlled world vast by umbrella companies like Nestle - Coca Cola and Other individuals beneath the watchful eye of the new world buy bankers through places like The Royal Bank of Canada) ... the debunkers claim to be just "typical guys" from destinations like Cornell College (the disinformation base tier II bastion of ivory tower textual content ebook geniuses) ... they say They can be there to assist you to "understand" and fend off any public knowledge from all People "conspiracy principle" nutcases ... this goes on inside the history even though the NWO banker pawn president carries the banner of "world climate modify" and places more and more clamps on the public .

But if you have a look at a typical Hollywood disinformation movie like the 1996 movie "Twister", There is certainly this preposterous aspect inside the movie in which the two main figures are tied-all the way down to the ground and have caught appropriate in the middle on a class F-five tornado, and all is pretty browse around these guys silent, along with the Sunlight shinning, and factors glimpse just peaceful and standard.

December 29, 2014 posting ... an finish of calendar year Observe ... whew !!!! did you survive 2014 ??? I've a lot of exciting new assignments that could be coming up for public release soon ... even though trying my best to keep up what now is available and operating ... jim mccanney

February 09, 2012 publishing ... my weekly radio clearly show archive is posted ... this week i discussed a series of bulletins from typical science that gave me great gas to look at the preposterous character of ordinary science together with how experts lie by not such as the truth .

the subsequent movie is True regarding the US armed forces and "chem trails" ... a thing i have talked about thoroughly above my radio career ... i urge you to definitely pay attention to the entire 21 minute movie but additionally pay attention to the part about the paid out govt disinformation shills whose "work" it really is to create misinformation .

Opening Detect ... the world is damaged and can't be preset easily ... we've been all preventing for our unique will cause As well as in my case attempting to teach the general public on dozens of concerns ... but you can summarize every one of the significant troubles (such as the not enough attention to all-natural catastrophe concerns dealing with our world and its populace) ... issue immediately for the Worldwide bankers and You should have IDENTIFIED 99.9999% OF ALL OF THE WORLD'S WOES ... not merely currently but heading back significantly into description background ... what is it possible to do ??? proceed with your initiatives to grasp who runs your governments ... forget about revolutions ... they don't perform For the reason that bankers merely put in the next routine ... You need to eliminate the supply root of the trouble ... and you click here now should overcome the greed that feeds the multitudes of minions that cater for the world bankers for their very own revenue and attain ... at a similar time You must become unbiased ... become your own private nation ... what i call "Initially Nation" ... just you and your rapid loved ones ... the initial step in getting to be certainly impartial is to be what i call "water unbiased" .

April 04, 2014 posting ... my professional totally free radio clearly show from final night is now posted within the archive sub-site ... join me as i take a look at viewing the movie NOAH and my feedback concerning the "science" in the movie ... my main science matter specials with historic gatherings involving World X types of objects which have impacted earth and a lot of the fashionable myths about this subject .

Notice that Every one of these Regulate aspects element levels of information movement.  Tier 1 layer info goes up from controlled staff to the best of your chain of command (you never see this layer).   The easy rule is �if you see their names or faces, they aren't at the very best or in Tier one� � These are pawns generally ego managed or by own gain.   Tier two is the layer intended for �visible� top leaders in SCEPTER which leads to Tier 3 the information propagated to the final populous (the visible leaders are controlled by �handlers� and also have no perspective of your Tier 1 layer over them).  This is where significant disinformation engines run constantly.

April 13, 2013 ... fast submitting ... the disinfo crew is complete bore over the internet posting false information by its nut circumstance stores about comet C/2012/S1 (ISON) ... It is far from coming in the south but is extremely close to the ecliptic the truth is ... there are no observational information that i have seen suggesting it would've a large planet X companion even though it remains to be unconfirmed with regards to doable smaller companions .

October 03, 2013 ... my exhibit is currently posted within the archive sub-webpage ... tonight's display is dedicated to comet ISON ... listen and master as the federal gov is shut down ... jim mccanney

September 21, 2013 ... IS COMET ISON A DUD ??? comet ISON that NASA has actually been pumping since the "comet of the century" is in fact at this stage a small comet ... but will its Oct 1st (and also the months leading around this date) electrical conversation with mars change this ?

August twenty, 2013 ... two merchandise just in ... a comet just approached the Sunlight and induced a complete coronal mass ejection ... we have information of countless these even so the officialdom on the naval observatory states "not linked" ... are these researchers truly that Silly ??? Sure They are really but remember Here is the tier II science pawned off on the public ... A further short article states that experts ultimately have admitted that thunder clouds do not develop sufficient electric power to build lightning and are now seeking to cosmic rays (large Vitality protons from other stars) to set off the lightning (seems like anyone has actually been observing a lot of flash gordon movies currently) .

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